Dr. Hugo Neuhaus

jewish pediatrician from Ulm/Donau


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born 1885 in Ellwangen
pediatrician in Ulm 1919 - 1936
emigated 1936
died 1959 in Long Island, NY, USA

Seniors in German Town Set Up an "Internet Memorial" to Honor Jewish Doctor

From 1919 to 1936, Ulm, a picturesque town on the Danube River, in the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg in southern Germany, was the home of Hugo Neuhaus, a German Jewish pediatrician, who was admired and loved by his little patients and their parents.

In 1933, immediately on getting control of the government, the Nazis began a campaign of harassment and intimidation of Germany's small Jewish population -- a campaign which was to culminate, in 1941-1945, with the Holocaust, an effort to exterminate all the Jews, not merely those of Germany. Dr. Neuhaus, with his family, fled in 1936 and would have left earlier if he could have taken with him his elderly, ailing mother, who was to die in a nursing home in Germany the following year. He settled in the United States, on Long Island, in the State of New York, and built up a new medical practice. He continued to practice his profession there, until his death, of a hemorrhagic stroke, in 1959.

One of his little patients, Elfi Böller, now 75, remembered Doctor Neuhaus as the man who saved her life and, last year, when she began to take part in a university-sponsored program for senior citizens to publish their reminiscences on the Internet, decided to express her gratitude by building an "internet Memorial" to the doctor. In the local paper, she asked other former patients to tell their stories, and a dozen of them came forward and added their recollections of Dr. Neuhaus to the "Memorial."