Our working group “women's history” located at the Center for General Scientific Continuing Education (ZAWiW), University of Ulm, was created in 1997. We are currently 10 women between 60 and early 70 of age. We are engaged in various projects regarding women's history, orienting ourselves through the principles of learning through research activities.

Through our virtual project titled "Women change the society?!" we are introducing ourselves in the assocation "Virtual and real learning and skills network of older adults" (ViLE e.V.), and we are cooperating with women's groups from several other European Countries.

In this project we are performing investigations about biographies of women who have liberated themselves in the course of historical development of traditional role patterns and social conventions and were involved in such items, as personal responsibility, equal rights, women's education and women's work.

We are looking forward to your contributions from Germany as well as from other countries, in expectation of your proposals concerning additional biographies of women, with the aim to integrate their memories, as well as their works in our website.