Welcome to the website of DANET!

Welcome to the website of the project DANET – Danube Networkers at Work.
On this starting page you will find short reports and news about current project actions in the partner countries. For information about the respective national panel activities and the related web-based discussions please click on the panel titles in the horizontal menu: “Active Ageing”, “Identity”, “Migration” and “Ecology”. An overview of all current discussions is provided under the menu title “Discussions”. To visit the project partners’ pages that describe their activities in their national languages, click on the national flags in the field NATIONAL VERSIONS on the right side of the website.


Media Booklet with DVD published by ZAWiW of Ulm University

A Media Book in English and German with a DVD with subtitles in languages of all project partner organisations documenting some of the highlights of the project DANET had been published by ZAWiW of Ulm University.

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Results of DANET presented in an international web-based conference

On the 30th of November, in the frame of a web-based conference of the project Danube-Networkers Lectures (DALEC), the DANET partners Alexandru Strunga from the University of Craiova, Romania and Emilia Velikova from the University of Rousse, Bulgaria, presented the final results from the project DANET that ended at the end of November. Both Mrs Velikova and Mr Strunga spoke about the far-reaching effects that the project DANET had on their organisations as well as the field of seniors’ education in general. Continue Reading →

Final meeting and conference

The final conference took place on the 6-11. November 2011 in Studienhaus Wiesneck near to Freiburg. This occasion provided an opportunity for the 45 participants from all partner countries to exchange their experiences and discuss on a cross-national level the results of their activities that took place in their home country.
The participants took part in lectures and workshops, evaluated their projects in small national and transnational groups and made short advertising spots for the project DANET, etc.
The European role game was one of the most popular items on the program, whereby the participants got to know the institutions and decision making processes of the European Union.
The highlight of the week was an event at the University of Education in Freiburg. On this day, after introducing the senior students of the University of Education, a video conference took place with three Members of the European Parliament (Elisabeth Jeggle, Michael Theurer and Silvia-Adriana Ticau).

A video documentation of the final meeting


You can find our program here

Final Resolution from the project here

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Cross-National Panel in Brodarica, Croatia

On the 17-20 June 2011, 48 participants, senior citizens and people in charge of the participating organisations, from Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Romania and Slovenia met in the Leca education centre of POUZ in Brodarica, Croatia, to discuss and to elaborate the issues handled in the frame of the four national panels and to identify
common issues of transnational importance.
This “cross-national panel” provided opportunity for getting to know each other and for the promotion of communication and exchange amongst the older citizens and forms an important basis for a continuing web-based discussions.  The participants had the opportunity to know each other within the framework of a creative workshop and could also gain insight into the culinary world of regions in the “market of regions”.

The participants discussed in working groups about issues, ideas and concepts to the four main topics.

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4th Panel “Protection of the environment” took place in Ulm

On the the 7th of June 2011, in the  House of the Danube in ulm, the fourth citizens’ panel on the subject of protection of the environment took place. The participants discussed in three moderated “World cafe” groups the subjects: Effects of emmissions, Consumption of countryside – the effect on our home, Production of energy  and its consumption.

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Discussion in Panel 4

4th Panel – Environment and sustainable development in Ljubljana

Ljubljana, June 2, 2011

The last in the series meetings was held on the premises of the Ljubljana Third Age University on June 2. It was dedicated to reflections on preservation of the environment and sustainable development, to decide what we can , or rather must, do to preserve our environment and its wealth for future generations. The guest speaker, Ljubo Mohorič, a philosopher interested primarily in man’s relationship to nature through history, illuminated the issue from the philosophical and ethical point of view. He juxtaposed the concept of sustainable development and co-natural development, stressing the importance of environmental ethics, which requires respect for and protection of all essences in nature, not merely because of their possible economic, cognitive, aesthetic, medicinal and psychological benefits for man, but also because of the intrinsic value they possess.

In the second part of the meetings the participants discussed in groups what can be done with sustainable development within the ecological, economic and social spheres.

on the individual (moderator dr. Aleš Zupan) and on social (moderator dr. Dušana Findeisen) levels.

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4th Panel in Timisoara, Romania

4th Panel in Timisoara, Romania

The third panel took place at ”Miu Technical College”‘ in 21.05.2011, 11:00. We discussed many problems related to ecology and environment focusing on the civic role of seniors in European context and their perspective, especially viewed through their art. 60 seniors participated together with university professors (University of Craiova, West University of Timisoara and Politehnica University), responsibles from the seniors NGOs (The Council of seniors, CARP). More details here.


3rd Panel in Timisoara, Romania

3rd Panel in Timisoara, Romania

The third panel took place at ”Miu Technical College”‘ in 16.04.2011, 11:00. We discussed many problems related to migration and how seniors can make a difference in this social phenomenon. 50 seniors participated together with university professors (University of Craiova, West University of Timisoara and Politehnica University), responsibles from the seniors NGOs (The Council of seniors, CARP). More details here.

2nd Panel in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Panel II “Sustainability of Cultural Heritage- Slovene /European Identity” was held on April 5. One of the issues discussed was organization and methodology of volunatry work in the field of preservation of cultural heritage; the second part of the meeting focused on the issue on identity in the modern world.
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