What is the ‘Tell me about your commitment’ project?

‘Tell me about your commitment’ is a European funded project which aims to promote and strengthen volunteering and provide a comparison for voluntary work in different countries.

The project will gather

  • voluntary workers personal experiences in their field and will communicate their stories to people from other countries through various forms of expression,
  • adult learners of foreign languages (such as English, German, Spanish) and adult learners with an interest in painting, theatre or (auto)biographical writing who will translate the contributions of volunteers and experiment on the basis of them.  The activities and information will be collected and documented on the Internet and on a CD-ROM.

What are the aims of the project?

The aim of the project is to promote voluntary work throughout Europe by sharing stories of voluntary work, raising awareness of opportunities within voluntary work and empowering people to become active citizens. The project will also encourage adult learners to further develop their skills and improve their ability to learn through creativity and communication.

Who can participate in the project?

  • Volunteers who are interested in talking about their personal experiences of voluntary work.
  • Adult learners who would like to collect and/or translate the experiences of volunteers in a variety of forms such as, text, video or photographs, and to experiment with these forms.
  • People who have an interest in meeting and learning from volunteers and from other people from various European countries.

How can participants benefit from the project?

  • Link with other volunteers across Europe to share experiences of voluntary work and meet with like-minded volunteers to discuss best practice in relation to voluntary work.
  • Develop exciting new skills such as foreign languages, painting, theatre in order to learn more about and promote voluntary work.

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