Vile e.V. Germany

ViLE LogoThe Federal Association ”Virtual and face-to-face learning and competence network of older adults” (ViLE e.V.), Germany, was founded at the end of 2002. ViLE is an internet based “learning community” of older adults. Its aim is to bring together older people who are interested in education and who are ready to use face to face settings as well as the Internet for individual learning process, exchange of experiences, cooperation and social participation. ViLE was initiated by educators and seniors in the framework of the national model project ‘Learning together over the web’ (2000 2005), which was carried out by ZAWiW, University of Ulm. The Association currently has 150 members and 5 “regional groups” in all parts of Germany and ca. 500 network-members. ViLE provides virtual learning courses, supports self-directed learning groups, organizes face to face seminars and travels in the sense of discovery learning. The members of ViLE want to foster active learning and cooperation of older (and also younger) people over the Internet to prevent digital exclusion of older adults and to make their competences available to others. The new technologies are used actively as tools for critical participation in social developments, Internet-based cooperation is combined with face-to-face meetings. Focal points are the aspects of self-organisation and academic-oriented continuing education in subjects of culture, history, society, environment, etc. Furthermore, ViLE’s members publish an online magazine called “Lerncafe”.


Carmen Stadelhofer

Gabriela Koerting



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