SUTW Slupsk

SLUPSKI UNIWERSYTET TRZECIEGO WIEKU (SUTW), the Slupsk University of the Third Age, Slupsk, Poland, is an nonprofit, nongovernmental organization which gathers citizens in their “third age” from the city of Slupsk and nearby and willing to be socially active for long time yet. As the name of our organization says, our main aim is to provide continuing learning and various forms of social activity which benefit both, our students as well as the society in which they live.

Actually there are 200 actively participating students in our University

Continuing learning is achieved through weekly lectures on the variety of subject, ranging from “health” to “astronomy”. More deeper study is conducted by specific group of interest, such as “ Biology and Ecology”, “Geography”, “Literature”.

There are many groups of interest that allow for various activities like: Theatre, Choir, Painting, Bridge, Photography, Country walking, Handcrafting, Film, among the others.

The U3A is very active in the field of cultural exchange with the like organizations from neighbouring countries, mainly Germany with which the University collaborates frequently within specific European programmes or on its own effort.


President Mrs Urszula Wyrwa
76-200 SLUPSK

Phone: +48 22 21 31 382
Fax:+48 59 84 56 442

Mob, Mrs Nelly Czupajło; +48 516 025 323 ( in German)
Mob, Mr Jerzy Berendt; +48 690 039 750 (in English)



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