Kadis 2002 Ljubljana

Kadis 2002Kadis 2002 is a non-profit educational centre that deals with education and training programmes for disadvantaged groups of various types (youngsters, unemployed, women, older). It collaborates with various organizations and provides services, such as career guidance, empowerment, self-confidence, counselling and training of skills, necessary for an improved quality of life. Also with the assistance of external trainers and other organizations working in guidance, educational center Kadis 2002 strives for better access to training and improvement of life quality for all adults. Kadis 2002 is sharing and obtaining knowledge and experience by participating in different national and international projects.

Izobraževalni center Kadis 2002, zavod
Koprska ulica 72
1000 Ljubljana
E mail: kadis@kadis.si

Tel.: +386 1 200 81 80
Fax: +386 1 200 81 99

Peter Činkole peter.cinkole@kadis.si


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