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The Christmas Gift from Vienna

Dear Friends, Our last meeting “Tell me abut your commitment in October 2011 was in Slupsk. We remember and find it very fruitful and interesting. We could present our experiences but we could also learn about your experiences. We still benefit from being with you although it was such a short meeting. And now let […]

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Presentation at the University of Strathyclyde about immigrants in Slupsk.

We got to know Glasgow “studying” the internet  well before we got there. On arriving to the City we found the place even more grandeur and hectic than we expected to be. The great buildings errected in the far past with their magnificient towers over the tops  saying something about grand history of the places and than the continous […]

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“Flashmeeting” between Slupsk and Ulm, 8th of March

On the 8th of March, 2012, we have met for the second time online our friends from Slupsk. We have used this time another technology than Skype: the “Flashmeeting”. It is online conferencing system provided by the Open University in the UK. It is more formal than Skype, only one person can talk at a […]

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